SANSFLUO Natural Toothgel Cleanser - Orange

SANSFLUO Natural Toothgel Cleanser - Orange

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  • Fluoride Free!
  • Powered by Xylitol
  • No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
  • No Artificial Colouring
  • No Harmful Preservatives
  • Safe to Swallow
  • For 0-4 years old
  • LOCAL stock for quick delivery and exchange (subject to stock availability)
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In Singapore, 38.4% of all pre schoolers experience severe early childhood tooth decay (Straits Times, 12th June 2017). This is of great concern to parents as early oral hygiene and milk teeth are critical to long term oral health.

Furthermore, for infants and kids, brushing is ALL fun and play. In the process, they get to swallow some or all of their fluoridated toothpaste. Studies have shown that excessive ingestion of fluoride by children during their teeth forming years causes dental fluorosis, an irregular mineralization of the tooth enamel marked by white spots.

To help prevent this, we recommend you to use SansFluo Toothgel Cleanser, a fluoride-free toothpaste powered by xylitol! SansFluo comes in two great tasting flavours of orange and strawberry that will surely bring joy and fun to your child’s brushing.