SANSFLUO Dental Brush and Gum Massager - Pink

SANSFLUO Dental Brush and Gum Massager - Pink

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  • Made of food grade soft silicone
  • Small round brush fits babies teeth nicely
  • Massager on the other side soothes babies gums when teething
  • Comes with handy carrying and storage case
  • Available in pink or blue
  • LOCAL stock for quick delivery and exchange (subject to stock availability)
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In Singapore, 38.4% of all pre schoolers experience severe early childhood tooth decay (Straits Times, 12th June 2017). This is of great concern to parents as early oral hygiene and milk teeth are critical to long term oral health.

SansFluo advocates the promotion of healthy oral care at an early age.  It is recommended that you use SansFluo Dental Brush and Gum Massager to clean your child’s mouth and teeth (together with Sansfluo Natural Toothgel with Xylitol) as the first tooth erupts.  It comes with a hygiene case to keep the dental brush clean and sanitary.  When the child’s mouth is not brushed or cleaned, sugars in milk form a plaque film that serves as breeding ground for harmful oral bacteria causing dental caries.

Directions for proper use of SansFluo Dental Brush:

1. Wash hands thoroughly.

2. Wash the dental brush with soap and warm water.

3. Place your index finger in the brush.

4. Squeeze a small amount of SansFluo Toothgel on the brush.

5. Use small circular brushing motion on your child’s teeth and gums.

6. After use, wash the dental brush, leave it to dry throughly, then store in the hygiene case.