BOBUX SOFT SOLE Sandals Daisy - White

BOBUX SOFT SOLE Sandals Daisy - White

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  • Best for babies just learning to walk (i.e. alternating between sitting, crawling and cruising)
  • Perfect for developing feet.
  • Soft premium leather uppers (no pig leather) with no lining or stiffeners for optimum breathability, flexibility and comfort.
  • Slip resistant suede sole.
  • Moulds to the shape of your child’s foot. Not the other way round.
  • Allows key muscles to exercise and strengthen for a healthy foot and gait.
  • Child safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly dyes.
  • The next best thing to being bare footed!
  • Recommended by pediatricians and podiatrists.
  • Easy to slip on and they STAY on!
  • Patterns and designs faces the child, not the other way round.
  • Designed in New Zealand.
  • LOCAL stock for quick delivery and exchange (subject to stock availability)

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The original soft sole was designed by Bobux back in 1991. It proved a huge hit with parents around the world because it was so different. Made of only soft leather at a time when every shoe company was trying to get kids into hard sole shoes, it was quickly adopted by parents who did not feel comfortable cramming their kids feet into such footwear - and as it turned out, it was quite a lot of parents! 

The soft soles also quickly won the approval of podiatrists and pediatricians, as it truly proved to be the next best thing to barefeet!

Simplicity is at the heart of Bobux Soft Sole’s design genuis. Here’s a shoe that actually meets the needs of the pre-walker, both in terms of foot health and usability. It goes on easily, stays on while allowing the foot to move, bend, splay, grip, strengthen and grow and nature intended. 

At this stage, they may be sitting up, crawling and cruising, and hence are not using their feet in a mascular way as adults do. The bones and muscles are not defined and the foot is pudgy and fat, very supple and physically unrefined (more about how each Bobux range fits into the stages of baby foot development here

Through unrestricted movement, Bobux Soft Soles allow the foot to flex, grip, refine and strengthen, setting the physical foundation for the foot to grow into adulthood. 

To put it simply, wearing a Bobux Soft Sole provides the freedom required for a little foot to do all the things it should at this stage of development, while protecting it from the environment.  

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