About Us

Parents knows best right?!

Uberbaby brings you unique and functional products with an uber cool factor! Many of our products are parent inventions, which are inspired by the lack of suitable products in the marketplace.

Back in 2001, when we had our first child, it seemed that every baby shop or departmental store we went to were selling the same products from the same big brands. It got worse when we looked at the gift catalogues (...have you seen some of them?!!)

So wanting something different and unique, we turned to overseas markets and found a wide range of exciting, high quality and innovative products! We tried several items (Bobux was one of our first!) and loved them! Soon, we realized that many of the products we and our kids (yeah, there are 4 of them now…. we are outnumbered!) really liked were actually invented by parents themselves. Many of whom just could not find products suitable for their own kids, or products that they were happy with (see the stories behind the brands!).

The absence of such innovative and useful products spurred us to think of making them more available in our market. While it is tough convincing brick and motar retailers to carry these brands, it has been rewarding as we see more and more of our products being accepted in these traditional retail channels. Still, it is an uphill task, with so many products and so little shelf space. Hence, UberBaby was launched to feature these products, most of which were developed by parents for parents, that we have sourced from markets all over the world. Whether it is for your own kids, or as gifts, we hope you will find our products refreshing and useful! We know we have!

We are always on the look out for really high quality, innovative but most of all, useful products. So do check back regularly to see what’s new! And if you do happen to chance upon a “hey why didn’t I think of that” product, do let us know! We’d be most happy to check it out!

Like they say….”Mummy (….and Daddy) knows best!”

Parents’ Answers to Life Little Challenges!